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What is Dimensional Formula of Critical velocity ?

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Critical velocity is defined as the maximum velocity of a fluid above which a streamline flow changes to turbulent flow. In other words critical velocity the maximum velocity of fluid upto which its flow remains streamline and if the velocity of a fluid increases more than its critical velocity the flow of fluid becomes turbulent.


Critical velocity (VC) = Re   η /  ρ  r    


Re = Reynolds number

η = coefficient of viscosity

ρ = density of fluid

r = radius of tube.
Dimensional Formula of Reynolds number (Re) = M0L0T0
Dimensional Formula of coefficient of viscosity (η) =  M1L-1T-1
Dimensional Formula of Density of fluid (ρ) =M1L-3T0
Dimensional Formula of radius (r) = M0L1T0

Putting these values in above equation we get,

VC = [M0L0T0] [M1L-1T-1] / [M1L-3T0] [M0L1T0]

Dimensional Formula of Critical velocity(VC) = M0L1T-1
SI unit of Critical velocity(VC) is ms-1

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