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What is Dimensional Formula of Kinetic Energy?

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Kinetic energy can be defined as the energy possessed by the body by virtue of its motion.

Kinetic energy (K.E) = 1/2 [Mass (m) X Velocity (v)2]

Dimensional formula of  Mass = M1L0T0
Dimensional formula of velocity= M0L1T-1

Putting the values in the above equation we get,

Dimensional formula of Kinetic energy (K.E) = M1L0T0 X ( M0L1T-1)2

Dimensional formula of Kinetic energy (K.E) = M1L0T0 X M0L2T-2

Dimensional Formula of Kinetic energy= M1L2T-2.
SI unit of Kinetic energy is Joule (J).

Note : In the above equation ½  is a constant and  constants do not affect the dimensional formula of any quantity.

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    Regarding ½ : ½ is a constant and it doesn’t affect the dimensional formula.

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